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Peace!... It's getting down right hard to find on this earth.
Well, River John's can help you find, not only peace but also a whole lot of beauty, fun and relaxation. Learn the true meaning of "quiet" where the only sound you might hear may be the dipping of a paddle in the water alongside your canoe.
You'll see Great Blue Herons soaring among stately Sycamore trees. See fish flash beneath you... watch turtles sunbathing on ancient craggy stumps... swim or wade a little, or maybe throw in a line or two. Top your adventure by camping over a night or two on River John's 3 acre island surrounded by the Little River.
So test your spirit of adventure! There is nothing like some sunshine and fresh air mingled with Mother Nature to sooth your outlook on life and actually experience that "Peace" we are always looking for!
Come on and explore with us... and at reasonable rates at that!

There is a phone available for emergency and local calls.

For those of you who live in Blount County you will find this place to be a "gem" within the community. If your group is looking for a place to camp and have a great outdoor experience... not too far from home... look no further!

Special Pricing
We have many packages available. They range from one person to groups of a hundred or more. Please contact River John and give John the details on your group's planned outing.

4134 Cave Mill Road
Maryville, Tennessee 37804

865-982-0793 or Email River John


Conservation and Preservation

The Mission of Keep Blount Beautiful is to enhance the natural beauty of Blount County and to promote, through education, responsible management of community waste, thereby making our community a better place to...

The Little River Watershed Association is a non-profit organization with the mission to protect, preserve, and enhance the Little River and its tributaries through mobilizing public support, building public awareness and promoting best management practices. The key aims of the Association...


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